MIT-xperts iSIMS


The extremely flexible and full-featured playout server for SI/PSI data (SDT, EIT, PAT, PMT, NIT, BAT, RST, TDT, TOT, CAT, AIT) with an intuitive user interface and plug-in support for special customer's needs.

iSIMS SI Management system is designed to play out all your SI/PSI data. Various "workers" allow you to broadcast simultaneously on multiple delivery system types (DVB-S/C/T), manage network information (NIT), or perform complex data manipulation operations.



Whether you are just remapping input data to another transponder or you are managing a challenging SI signalling scenario, iSIMS is the right tool for you. It is powerful enough to handle the most complex scenarios, yet simple and easy to use.

The iSIMS has its own specialized user interface for SI table manipulation: The iSIMS GUI allows you to connect inputs to outputs with workers in between. Inputs provide SDT, EIT, PMT, BAT, NIT, and AIT from external sources (e.g. ASI, IP, or XML). Outputs transmit the data to various destinations (e.g. ASI, IP, or XML output). The workers manipulate the data sent through them: correct the data, rename events or services, translate service IDs, etc.

With the input/output/worker/flow configuration GUI, you always see a graphic representation of your current configuration.


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