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Our products aim at enhancing your productivity, reducing your overall costs, and giving you competitive advantages. Enabled with intuitive web- and Java™-based user interfaces our products can be used from anywhere at any time and seamlessly integrate into your corporate environment.


MIT-xperts iRecorder

The SPTS/MPTS transport stream recorder (DVB ASI/IP) for conformance recording and extended analysis of recorded content (SI/PSI, AIT, PMT, DSM-CC, bitrate, ETR 101 290).

MIT-xperts iRecorder can permanently record your broadcast signal. Recorded data can be retrieved as ASI / IP stream, as file, or as DVD. The essential tool for broadcast evidence and problem analysis. ETR 101 290, DSM-CC, PMT, and bitrate analysis are optionally included.

iAnalyzer EIT+EPG

MIT-xperts iAnalyzer EIT+EPG

The live SI/PSI analyzer with extended analysis and display of EIT+EPG data with features reaching far beyond other EPG analyzers on the market.

Decodes and displays one or more input MPTS/SPTS, especially analyzes the EIT / EPG data for potential problems and errors (overlapping events, incorrect packaging, timing issues, etc.). Comes with an API to access the parsed data for further processing.


MIT-xperts iSIMS

The extremely flexible and full-featured playout server for SI/PSI data (SDT, EIT, PAT, PMT, NIT, BAT, RST, TDT, TOT, CAT, AIT) with an intuitive user interface and plug-in support for special customer's needs.

iSIMS SI Management system is designed to play out all your SI/PSI data. Various "workers" allow you to broadcast simultaneously on multiple delivery system types (DVB-S/C/T), manage network information (NIT), or perform complex data manipulation operations.

iMux Multiplexer

MIT-xperts iMux Multiplexer

The comprehensive playout system for interactive TV/radio content (HbbTV/MHP, AIT/DSM-CC) in a DVB environment.

Remote-control your interactive playout (update carousels, start/stop applications, send StreamEvents, etc.) using the extensive API or simple shell scripts.

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