privacy declaration

At MIT-xperts, we take your privacy very seriously, and we take great effort to reduce the data we are collecting down to a minimum. This privacy declaration informs you about the person-related data (called "data" below) we collect, how we use it, and why we collect it. We also inform you about your rights.

collected data and its usage

When you visit our web site, our web server will store this information in a technical log file. The information stored in the log file contains your IP address, the date and time, the URL you requested, the method you used to request this data, and the user agent of your web browser. We use this data only for technical maintenance of our web site (check if it was served correctly and identify reasons for technical difficulties that we may experience). This data is deleted automatically after 14 days.

In case you request an offer via our web site, we will store the data you enter in our database to be able to send you the requested quotation and answer all requests concerning it. We will keep this data for one year.

In case you contact us by email, this email will get stored permanently in our database. We keep all incoming and outgoing emails by default. We do this to be able to have the complete email communication in case of a dispute. We do not send out any advertising emails to persons contacting us, nor to our customers.

In addition to that, we store business related data of our customers, such as contract data, payment data, and billing data as required by German law as well as data about systems sold by us to be able to contact our customers in case we find problems in our software.

third parties

We do not give out your data to any third parties, unless required by law.

your rights

You may contact us to get confirmation if your personal data is stored and/or used by MIT-xperts GmbH. We will tell you exactly which data we have, and we will provide you with a copy of that data upon request. You may also request us to delete all your personal data. If this is not possible (because laws prohibit us to delete the data), we at least mark your data with an information that tells us that you wish us to not use this data any more.

contact details for privacy concerns

Responsible for data privacy at MIT-xperts is:
MIT-xperts GmbH
Johannes Schmid
Poccistr. 13
80336 München
phone: +49 (89) 76 75 63 82

Further contact details can be found here.

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