MIT-xperts iMux Multiplexer

iMux Multiplexer

The comprehensive playout system for interactive TV/radio content (HbbTV/MHP, AIT/DSM-CC) in a DVB environment.

Remote-control your interactive playout (update carousels, start/stop applications, send StreamEvents, etc.) using the extensive API or simple shell scripts.



Whether you want to quickly add a new MHP/HBBTV/CEHTML/MHEG application, modify an existing application, or fine-tune it: the iMux Multiplexer gets you there in no time and without hassle. The iMux efficiently handles dynamic carousel updates (DSM-CC), Stream Events, and all SI table updates including AIT. Automated updates can be implemented by using the Java™ API.

With the iMux Multiplexer, you can even add previously recorded transport streams or a subset of contained components to your application.


Multi-standard support:

DSM-CC/AIT features:

Easy handling:

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