MIT-xperts iAnalyzer EIT+EPG

iAnalyzer EIT+EPG

The live SI/PSI analyzer with extended analysis and display of EIT+EPG data with features reaching far beyond other EPG analyzers on the market.

Decodes and displays one or more input MPTS/SPTS, especially analyzes the EIT / EPG data for potential problems and errors (overlapping events, incorrect packaging, timing issues, etc.). Comes with an API to access the parsed data for further processing.



Regular transport stream analyzers do a great job when it comes to analyzing transport stream descriptors. But when analyzing the EPG data, these systems do not help. The EIT is so complex and contains so much information that a regular tree-based descriptor display model fails.

iAnalyzer helps you analyze the EIT / EPG by using models that are specialized in handling EPG information, and it provides a deep insight into your event schedule. iAnalyzer is used by technicians for its EIT analysis capabilities and by non-technical personnel for its comprehensive event views.


iAnalyzer provides:

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