MIT-xperts iRecorder


The SPTS/MPTS transport stream recorder (DVB ASI/IP) for conformance recording and extended analysis of recorded content (SI/PSI, AIT, PMT, DSM-CC, bitrate, ETR 101 290).

MIT-xperts iRecorder can permanently record your broadcast signal. Recorded data can be retrieved as ASI / IP stream, as file, or as DVD. The essential tool for broadcast evidence and problem analysis. ETR 101 290, DSM-CC, PMT, and bitrate analysis are optionally included.



The MIT-xperts iRecorder allows you to easily record and play back DVB ASI or IP MPTS/SPTS streams.

Playback of stored recorded streams to ASI or IP, as well as retrieving recordings as a file or burning them to a DVD, or even time-shifted playback is as easy as a click of a mouse. Playback of either MPTS (multi-program transport stream) or SPTS (single-program transport stream) is possible. Recorded audio and video can also be viewed by each connected client using a local IP player.

iRecorder allows scheduled and permanent recording as well as “on error” recording (only record when analyzer detects a problem). The system automatically keeps the last n days on your hard disk and successively deletes older data.

The iRecorder WebAccess option introduces an easy web based GUI for less experienced/technical users. It provides easy retrieval of recorded audio/video content.


iRecorder provides:

Recording features:

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iRecorder WebAccess option:

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